Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does it gives ?
It can protect and short your links into tiny links with no refere and even can lock it with certain number of hits or with password and alot of options.

What is the difference than the other websites ?
Other website gives only the service without sharing the benefit of income by viewing ads however we give each link poster sharing ratio of ads view on each link page.

How does it works ?
It is very simple so the visitor or even the member can post single or multi-links each link will be indexed in searching engines attracts more visitors and the more it comes the more is the change to get your own ads on your own added link page views.

Is it free ?
Yes it is totally free and even we help you out to achive income from posting links and sharing.

Is it allowed by google adsense ?
Yes revenue sharing is allowed as long as we do not break any tos rules of google adsense.

How link be indexed as page ?
Each and every link posted will have title,description,keyword and content and will be stored as page very searching engines friendly so expect alot of coming visitors from all over the world as long as your link title and description explain of the link itself.

What other services do you offer ?
We offer alot of free services for even the webmasters who would like to achive income from any external links on thier website please review our services section at the right hand menu.

Do i have to register ?
You can post links as visitor or register and get unlimited with abilities to delete and edit your links or even create your own profile.